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# A list of text files which was described in Japanese

This is a list of e-text that you can obtain as an individual.

Now, I am doing work for revision.

# The contrast table of the Japanese dialect atlas

A table which is contrasted the Japanese dialect atlas with "Linguistic Atlas of Japanese", according to an item.

This is a huge file for a contrast table. If you want to look at contents immediately, please utilize CSV file of lower part.
# FILE a list of items of the Japanese dialect atlas (CSV file punctuated with ",")

# A list of reference books for Japanese linguistics
New data (Feb. 25, 2007) ;
  • Several books have been added.

# A list of CD-ROM for Japanese linguistics

This is a list of CD-ROM for research of Japanese liguistics.

New data (Oct. 25, 2005) ;
  • Taiyo Corpus.

# A Search System for Magazines of Japanese Linguistics

# Library
New data (May 21, 1999) ;
  • Ookagami(toumatsu-bon).

Special thanks to many people who show information and data, and you.
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